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Across the country, students have been adding their voices to the conversation about American Creed through the National Writing Project's Youth Publishing Site. Below is a small selection of youth-created responses. See more at


Educator Partners

“Every educator worth his or her salt believes this,” says education activist and community school principal Deidre Prevett, “that our students can be whoever they want to become.”

The American Creed student engagement campaign surfaces and promotes perspectives from local students across the country. In digital shorts, blog posts, podcasts and other forms of digital composition, our campaign helps students explore American ideals and identity, and influence public discourse.

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On Writing Our Future, NWP's American Creed Youth Publishing Site, teens and young adults respond to questions about ideals and identity through writing, media and art. Find and share resources that support the use of this film in classrooms and learning sites, and add youth voices to the national conversation.

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Facing History is hosting a series of free American Creed curricular activities for classrooms, Community Conversation events, and a Student Essay Contest focusing on the American Creed documentary's central questions, inspiring young people to engage deeply in dialogue about who we are, and who we want to be.



America's largest and most trusted source of inspiration and curricular materials utilized by over 1.6 million educators nationwide, PBS LearningMedia hosts open-source educational assets and American Creed digital shorts intended for classroom use.